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About Us

The Carbon Blockchain (TCB) is a carbon finance, carbon project development, and technology services company. As a USA-based company we focus on developing sustainable solutions for the production and use of Advanced Carbon intermediate goods from low-carbon nature-based biomass products. We focus heavily on Africa where we have developed partnerships and acquisitions that uniquely position the company to deliver multiple Advanced Carbon products at scale.

One of the main problems that TCB aims to address is the negative impact that the use of fossil fuel-based inputs has on the environment. These inputs contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, primarily CO2 emissions, all contributing to climate change, and there is a need for more environmentally sustainable alternatives.

Our Direct Carbon Capture solution transforms natural plant-based (e.g., industrial hemp) and other woody biomass into renewable biochar, green charcoal, carbon black, and biofuels. Our process provides agricultural producers and industrial consumers  with a cost-effective carbon sequestration and carbon credit origination platform that creates valuable products from otherwise environmentally challenging inputs.

We focus on investing in African communities and providing them with access to new income sources through carbon credit and asset and trade finance. We also transform the way carbon farming and agricultural waste are managed through the deployment of our proprietary TCB System.

Our focus on developing environmentally sustainable solutions, cost-effective carbon sequestration and carbon credit origination platform, strong partnerships and collaborations make it a highly de-risked, attractive, high-returning investment for those looking to make a difference in the fight against climate change.

Our Board

Daniel Higbee


Sam Vetas


Steven Gluckstern

Executive Chairman of the Board/Advisor, Chairman and CEO of Santa Fe Farms


Director/Advisor Professor, Harvard Business School Former CEO, Arrow Electronics

James Elegante

General Counsel/Director

Key Team and Partners

Eugene Luzgin

Chief Technology Officer

Sue Higginson

Chief Financial Officer

Pablo Yabo

Chief Executive Officer, Rand Labs

Michel Dahdah

Co-Founder, Rand Labs

Partners And Investors

Clayton Turner

Santa Fe Farms

Nitesh Benga

Chief Operating Officer, GlobalLogic

Dr. Sunil K. Singh

Chief Technology Officer, GlobalLogic

David Thomson

Director of Integration,

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

—Henry David Thoreau

the carbon blockchain

The latest

The Carbon Blockchain is building advanced cloud-based solutions to accelerate the growth of the industrial carbon industry. Find the latest announcements here.